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Top 10 Richest Person in Thailand 2011

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1. Dhanin Chearavanont

Net Worth: $7 billion Dhanin Chearavanont

The Chearavanont family is a Thai-Chinese business family based in Bangkok, Thailand, and has ancestral roots from Shantou, China.  According to the List of "Thailand's Richest" by Forbes, Dhanin Chearavanont is Thailand's st richest with a accumulated wealth of US$ 7 Billion, which would place him as one of the worlds 200 richest men.

Age: 71

Industry   True Corporation, a mobile telephone service provider, Internet service provider, and cable television company

2. Chaleo Yoovidhya

Net Worth: $4.2 billion

Chaleo Yoovidhya

Chaleo Yoovidhya born circa 1932 is a Thai businessperson and is listed as the richest person in Thailand, with an estimated net worth of $4 billion. Dietrich Mateschitz joined forces with Yoovidhya in 1982. Red Bull still has the largest share (over 70%) in the energy drinks market and continues to grow as a result of Mateschitz's extraordinary marketing ability. energy drink.

Age: 78

Industry   Red Bull energy drink, TC Pharmaceuticals, Piyavate Hospital

3. Charoen Sirivadhanabhakdi

 Net Worth: $4.15 billion Charoen Sirivadhanabhakdi

Son of a Bangkok street vendor of fried mussel pancakes made his fortune selling inexpensive beer and whiskey. Took his ThaiBev company public in 2006 in Singapore after mostly Buddhist protesters stopped the listing on Thailand's stock exchange; may still eventually pursue Thai listing. His popular Chang Beer can be seen on the jerseys of Liverpool's Everton football team.

Country Of Citizenship:Thailand
Marital Status:married, 5 children

4. Chirathivat family

Net Worth: $2.9 billion Chirathivat family

Clan controls Central Group, with interests in retail, property, hotels. Founded by late Tiang Chirathivat, a poor Chinese immigrant. His descendants, including families of his 3 wives and 25 children, share fortune composed largely of Central Retail.

5. Krit Ratanarak

Net Worth: $1.7 billion Krit Ratanarak

Chairman, CEO of Bangkok Broadcasting & TV, which has stakes in Bank of Ayudhya and Siam City Cement, both founded by his late father, Chuan. Headed bank until early 2007. Almost half of fortune is his; rest belongs to mother, Sasithorn, under whom fortune was listed last year and who has been transferring shares; sister, Suthida; son, Chachchon; and 4 sisters who live outside of Thailand.

Age: 64

6. Aloke Lohia

Net Worth: $1.25 billion

Aloke Lohia

Share price has more than quadrupled since. Snapped up plants in China, Mexico, Poland and the US so far this year. Resident of Thailand for over two decades, is son of Indian entrepreneur and younger brother of Sri Prakash Lohia, one of Indonesia's richest and also a billionaire.

Age: 52

7. Chamnong Bhirombhakdi

Net Worth: $1.2 billion

Chamnong Bhirombhakdi

Age: 82

Marital Status Married, 3 children

Chairman of Boon Rawd Brewery, founded by his father as nation's first beermaker in 1933; known for Singha beer. Now includes holdings of his 2 brothers and their children. 

8. Thongma Vijitpongpun

Net Worth: $1.15 billion

Thongma Vijitpongpun

Pruksa Real Estate, which he founded, now Thailand's second-largest property developer by market cap after Anant Asavabhokin's (No. 17) Land & Houses. Stock more than doubled since last year, hitting a new high in August on strong sales of low and midrange condos. Projects currently being developed in India, Vietnam, Maldives.

Age: 52

Marital Status
Married, 1 child

9. Vichai Maleenont

Net Worth: $1.11 billion

Vichai Maleenont1

Age: 92

BEC World, media group that Vichai cofounded and chairs, suffering from drop in ad sales; stock price down a fourth from last year, but company expecting third-quarter turnaround. Has 23 subsidiaries involved in television and radio broadcasting, Internet. Transferred shares to his children.

10. Isara Vongkusolkit

Net Worth: $1.1 billion

Isara Vongkusolkit

Chairman of Mitr Phol Sugar, Thailand's largest sugar producer; second largest in China; also involved in ethanol, particleboard production, biomass power. He and 6 siblings own business through Mid-Siam Sugar. Brother Chanin is chief executive of coal producer Banpu; brother Vitoon chairs warehousing firm United Standard Terminal.

Age: 62

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