Monday, August 29, 2011

Top 10 Highest GDP per capita Countries in the World 2011

No.1Luxembourg – $80,800

This tiny country with a population under 500,000 is a true European miracle. Tiny means less than 8 countries worldwide. From top to bottom, only 50 miles and a width of about 30 miles

No. 2  Qatar – $75,900

This Arabic-speaking countries is less than a million people and gained independence from Britain in 1971. Qatar was a poor country Islamic, but since the discovery of oil and natural gas in 1940, it is totally transformed. In the absence of income tax is one of the least taxed in the world while offering most of its services to the public for free.

No.3 Norway – $55,600

Norway is one of the few developed countries in Europe that does not belong to the European Union. This country is rich in oil and natural gas is the cost of living for more than 30% higher than that of the United States. In 2006, only Russia and Saudi Arabia exports more oil than Norway.

No.4 Kuwait – $55,300

In Arabic, Kuwait translates to “Fortress built near water”. In addition to being on the coast of the Persian Gulf country has known neighbors like Saudi Arabia and Iraq. Kuwait has oil reserves of the world fifth largest – about 10% of the global total. Being a country without taxes, about 80% of government revenues come from oil exports. During the second freest economy in the Middle East, Kuwait has one of the most dynamic economies in the region.

No.5 United Arab Emirates – $55,200

This oil and natural gas rich country has a highly developed economy which makes it one of the most developed in the world. Having more money than they know what to do with, they have built numerous artificial islands and just finished building the worlds highest structure – Burj Khalifa. It is 828 meters tall, being about 2 times as high as the Empire State Building in New York. It is estimated that about 1/4th of the total construction going on in the world is taking place in Dubai – one of the largest cities in United Arab Emirates.

No.6 Singapore – $48,900

This country is a small country made up of 63 islands and some mainland with a total area of ​​only 270 square miles (704 km ²). In Hong Kong, South Korea and Taiwan is considered one of the four Asian tigers. Singapore has the busiest port in the world and is the fourth largest foreign exchange center in the world. Singapore is widely believed to be the world’s most business friendly in the world.

No.7 United States – $46,000

What distinguishes the United States, but in most other countries in this list is its size. While most other countries on this list are the smallest in the world the U.S. has a population of over 300 million and the total area of ​​3.79 million square kilometers (9.83 million square kilometers). The United States is also home to the largest number of billionaires in the world. It is assumed that even billionaires living in the U.S. and around the world.

No.8 Ireland – $45,600

Member of the European Union has often been admired as one of the knowledge economies of the most modern in the world. Ireland is the largest software producer in the world. A survey by The Economist ranks the “Celtic Tiger” for the best quality of life worldwide.

No.9 Equatorial Guinea – $44,100

The Republic of Equatorial Guinea is a country in Central Africa. Most people have never heard of it. This country flew into stardom after 1996 when large oil reserves were found in the nation of only 0,5 million people. While being one of the largest producers of oil in Africa, little has been made to improve the living conditions of the people. Corruption is widespread and ordinary people are mostly living in poverty. The gap between rich and poor is probably the largest in the world.

No.10 Switzerland – $39,800

This cheese making country is considered to be one of the most neutral countries in the world. During World War 2, people from other European countries deposited their money in the banks of Switzerland, knowing that their money would be safer there than in their home countries. Some well known Swiss companies include Nestle, Logitech, Rolex and Credit Suisse.

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