Friday, February 15, 2013

2013 Top 10 Youngest Billionaires In the World

Being a young billionaire. Imagine having all the wealth, privilege and power that comes hand in hand with a 10 figure bank account AND still being young enough to enjoy it for a few decades! The unfortunate reality is that most people who are lucky enough to reach billionaire status, do it when they are starting to enter the twilight of their lives after decades of hard work. That doesn't mean older people can't enjoy being insanely rich, but they enjoy it in a different way. Earlier this week we wrote about Lynsi Torres, the 30 year old billionaire owner of In-N-Out burger who lives in a $17.4 million mansion that has batting cages, tennis courts, a basketball court and much more. Oh and for fun, Lynsi is a professional drag racer. That's what I'm talking about. Then there's the story of 30 year old Facebook co-founder Eduardo Saverin who lives in Singapore with an posse of beauty queen girlfriends and keeps a $5,000 VIP table at his favorite club open at all times, in case he feels like stopping by. In theory, billionaires like Lynsi, Eduardo and all the others on this list could have another 40-50 years of the high life left to live.
1. Athina Onassis1. Athina OnassisNetworh $1 billion, 28 years old (Inherited)
2. Dustin Moskovitz2. Dustin MoskovitzNetworh $2.7 billion, 28 years old (Facebook)
3. Mark Zuckerberg3. Mark ZuckerbergNetworh $14 billion, 28 years old (Facebook)
4. Albert von Thurn und Taxis4. Albert von Thurn und TaxisNetworh $1.5 billion, 29 years old (German prince, inherited vast real estate and investment portfolio
5. Lynsi Torres5. Lynsi Torres
Networh $1 billion, 30 years old (In-N-Out burger, inherited)
6. Eduardo Saverin
6. Eduardo SaverinNetworh $1.1 billion, 30 years old (Facebook)
7. Scott DuncanSH04D204TVHILIGHTS April 15, 2004 _ Rocco DiSpirito star on the series, "The Restaurant." (SHNS photo by Scott Duncan / NBC)Networh $4.7 billion, 30 years old (Inherited a Texas oil company)
8. Yang Huiyan
Networh $4.4 billion, 31 years old (Inherited a Chinese real estate fortune)
9. Fahd Haririfahd-hariri_forbes_2011Networh $1.3 billion, 32 years old (Inherited a construction company from his father, the former Prime Minister of Lebanon)
10. Sean Parkersean-parker-2013Networh $2.1 billion, 33 years old (Facebook)

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